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Our Story

Once upon a time there was a society which did not let women and girls access education, abused them and treated them like slaves. And today, the same society still continues to violate the spaces for women and girls to access education, personal living, workspace and a social life. Although there has been a great growth in women empowerment, it is unfortunate to see how much the society still struggles to provide safe spaces for women and girls. Sexual, mental and physical abuse are the reality in which majority of the women and girls survive in. We live in a society which is so unsafe to women and girls. It is disheartening to see how abusers and perpetrators get the support and confirmation for their actions in this society, but not the victims. Where is the safe space, when families are not, when friends are not and when the world is not?.


This Journal will share sixfive stories, voices from different parts of the world, where we share our experiences, the needs and the fights to inspire the readers of “Our Story”.

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