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We understand the entirety and complexity in polity and creating a society mastered to lead the various issues around the world. Our focus of work uses an understanding that every issue, problem and obstacle is always interrelated and cannot be solved individually. Therefore, we stand in creating a significant impact through our work from Human rights to climate change and much more.


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The most basic and ultimately unbiased assurance by birth as a human are the Human rights. Their universal and indivisible nature, provides it a strong call for protection and equality of their status world wide. It has taken centuries for human rights, through the three waves of HR to become international where multiple structures, doctrines, treaties, institutions and much more have been set up to protect every individual’s human rights. However, the violations and the parity of human rights globally has never stopped to worry us. As the global society’s major call in different contexts, we at PolityLink, value human rights in all its form very high and focus a major part of our work in its propagation.


No sacrifice goes hand in hand with the lack of education, The essential empowerment for every single human being is quality education, which ultimately paves way for multitudes of development in society and they can be permanent residue in a developed society. Development is of three paradigms, social, cultural and economical which brings in order in the international community. Our focus of work at polity link pertaining to the development and education stands strong and heavily endured to bring a change.

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Government and institutions of a government are the face of a country. The programmes, events and simulations that we offer, instills righteousness by exercising authority to face partiality, Gender mainstreaming, parity in wages, and so on and so forth. We at PolityLink believe that a Good governance in the eyes of people who understands societal flaws, casually throwing yourself at it and bringing integrity to the institutions which brings strength to the government itself.


Women and girls constitute more than half of the population globally, yet face higher amount of discrimination and inequality for accessing resources, safety, security, development, political rights, social recognition and economic stability. We at PolityLink believe strongly in empowerment of women, engagement of women and leadership in women at all fields, with expertise, potential and strong will for good. We deny the approach of women as the decoration at the table, where women are simply represented to simply depict their commitment to gender equality, where their voices and decisions are practically not influential, due to the biases. We also believe in the need to address the burdens and strains due to stereotypical restrictions on men and boys due to the various effects of gender inequality.



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There are 192+ countries and 7 continents in total, yet half of the world's societies live in poverty, Poverty encapsulates multiple backlash to not just lives in general but also in many unimaginable ways. We at polity link give a significant shout out to eradicate poverty by offering services where the youth will deliberate on topics which are almost substantial enough to mitigate such cruelty. Namingley, the field of Economics, social sciences, psychology, International relations can be hailed to eradicate poverty for a greater future.


Global south and global north, Developed countries and least developed countries, Population in higher economical regions and the population below poverty line, and many more standards, stand right in front of us, strongly urging us to take immediate actions to reduce inequalities globally. The pity of the century is that there exists inequalities among different regions in the amount of  inequalities they possess. PolityLink, strongly believes in advocacy, good governance and international cooperation with an efficient structure to reduce parity globally. Our focus lies from health standards to education and from economic to political status of every individual and society on this planet.



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The question of the future lies in the voices of the youth of today. Youth empowerment is a highly crucial part of governing and building a futuristic world for a better tomorrow. PolityLink with its very own nature of being built by young energy, inspired to inspire, we believe strongly in the essence of the power of youth, their influence and their need to be empowered in the right manner. Our works majorly focus on empowering youth through our programs, where sometimes most of it simply are youth oriented.


Nonetheless, everything relies on economics, as it may seem evident. Economy under the influence of any government with weak policies in the system would tentatively lose them in every aspect of governance. At polity link, we believe that Economy of a country must be put into a series into a series of conundrums with the events that we offer to prepare the youth to voice out the mishaps in the name of policies. Economics is not just a necessity but also the way of life.

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Under these cadres of focus, Peace and security holds a unique but also imperative standpoint. Armed conflict and its repercussions are a topic dating from 6000+ years ago. The peace and security enriches a country’s defence and brings in peace and prosperity in their lives, which allows beauty in a character. When there is beauty in the character there is harmony in the home, multiples the harmony adds order in the nations, when there is order in the nations, there is peace in the world. We at polity link, expose various facets from Peace building efforts, conflict patterns, reconciliation and reconstruction of peace and security in our services for anyone to learn about and practice its need.


It would simply end up in misery, if we work hard to govern better and live better  without a world to live in. Climate action is an emergency despite the fact it is not as evident and quickly reactive as a war or a natural disaster. Climate action and sustainable living must be brought into practise as a way of life and as lifestyle, without harming or disturbing any society, habitat or culture. We at PolityLink, believe that our voices for climate action are highly crucial and that every individual must act by example to prevent the adversities of climate change and a dark future.

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