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 With a pool of expertise in various different methods of practising and learning polity, our services are very selectively designed to give the best professional yet the most friendly approach for our learners and participants. Our international cooperation with various organisations and offices, through simulations and training programs add to the value of our services.

Capacity Incubation Unit Program

Revolutionary Education

The Capacity Incubation Unit Program is a method of revolutionising education, where we consult and train students to build individual careers which contribute to the growth of the society as a whole.

Education is the key to success for both an individual and a society for which this program is tailored for each institute or an individual to subscribe as their growth partner. In this program, we approach growth in life with concepts and skills.

We enrich the participants with a wide range of career concepts and providing them the skills to develop themselves according to their needs and passion in their choice of career. This model is with sincere commitment to the sustainability and growth of the society ultimately. Our experts who shall facilitate and consult the programs come with international experience and training for mentoring your children to become the leaders they wish to be. For more information about this program, please write to us at :


Model United Nations

A forerunner of global affairs and international fora for development, peace and various other agendas is the United Nations. With a strong majority of dreamers to work in the international bureaucracy, United Nations and many such international organisations, simulations are the practical space for learning and becoming leaders in their own learning experiences. Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or M.U.N., is an educational simulation and academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Our focus in MUNs, comes with a wide range of offers, committees, focuses and agendas from cyber security to climate action and many more. Choose your interest of focus, frame your committees with high professional assistance and simulate your conference with us, on a global scale with our expertise.

Economic Simulations

The Backbone of international governance, globalisation and development is economy and the specific influence of various international economic functions and models. As an enthusiast of international economy, business, global management and development studies, one might be highly empowered by practically learning to be leaders of economic decisions and their trends. Economic simulations are a set of platforms where simulation of the world's leading financial institutions will be depicted and students of relevant study will be given specific countries to represent and make economic policies pertaining to the situations proposed. From debates of Intellectual property to trade wars and poverty alleviation, we have all the expertise to give a complete learning and interesting experience. Join our experts, to assist you host your dream conference in a very efficient and timely manner in any specific topic of your choice.

Parliamentary Debates

The Ultimatum of running a country, which has every single responsibility of ministries and senates playing various major roles, from foreign affairs to internalised home affairs of a landmass with civilians. It instills a courage to stage an event which offers to teach, Refutations, Rebuttals, Question hour, and Passing a bill. Parliamentary debate is a competitive academic debate event. Its primary goal is to achieve by holding multiple factions in a parliament setup and initiate a motion to run a country at stake which has a specific set of rules and norms.


International relations & Foreign Policies

For young enthusiasts in international relations, Politics, Model United Nations, Global management and various other similar interests, it is very important to be skilled and enriched with knowledge in IR and Foreign policies, the very backbone of the sector. Our training programs in international relations and Foreign policies offer with expertise of how international bureaucracy functions and how one could develop themselves. in the same, from representation to diplomacy and decision making.

Public Speaking

Voicing your mind is highly crucial in any field and in any platform. Voicing your mind in the right and perfect way is even more crucial to be efficient in delivering what you want. Various statistics have shown the victories of leadership were higher when the voices were clear and strong. One main tool for this is the art of Public speaking. This training program will empower every individual participating through various ups and downs and into all intricacies of public speaking, therefore increasing their virtues as a better personality and a better leader.

Public Administration

One has the knowledge, the skills and the resources to bring change, but that change for good will not be possible without the right skill for public administration. Administering, governing, leading and many more such activities have a huge influence while driving change, among which public administration is highly delicate but the most influential way of collectively building a better society. Through this training program one shall be equipped to convert the energy, thoughts, knowledge and resource through the art of public administration into practise in the society.

International Economics

& Development

Increasing global poverty and economical inequalities, have to be attended with great importance and caution, as they are highly potential enough to stumble governance, peace and security, harming global order. Academicians, bureaucrats, politicians and various other sectors, more than ever in the past have been deliberating for all possible solutions. However, various loopholes and mislead systems demand change and repair. This training program shall focus on the power of International economy and multilayered development, where expertise from various sectors and leading models share learning scope, skills and knowledge all required for one to step into this sector with bright confidence.

Human Rights

Human rights are universal and indivisible, meaning, every individual has all equal rights in particular order or prioritisation. Through centuries of the development of human rights, through multiple waves, we have reached one of the peaks of human rights mobilisation and the system change it requires to be universally protected. Despite wide thoughts about human rights and their importance, enthusiasts who aspire to work in this field, much lack the right training of skills and knowledge to professionally shine in this context. Through this training program, we provide a platform for engagement and learning with great expertise on human rights and its various other discourses.

Personality development

The way one carries themselves, shows the world million facets about their potential and their thoughts, therefore, Personality development is very important for every individual to master. From interpersonality to intra personalities and from multi personality to individualistic development, our training offers special care and focus into very small details where one’s personality can be developed in the way the individual defines success. 

Conference Management

Conferences have through history been the reason for wars to begin and for wars to end. Development, peace and security, etc are at stake in the hands of various gatherings, summits and conferences, and therefore, we value the importance of conferences really high. This training program shall cover the best strategies for conference management from public relations to content management to specific traits such as time management and team building.


We offer programs through our platform in partnerships with various organisations, Governments, NGOs, entities, etc. In many cases, our partners from the above categories, have their self made, world renowned curriculums, program and material, which shall act as the base of our training programs. Therefore these training programs shall function with the collaboration of content, focus and materials provided and willing to be hosted by our partners. 


Our focus also lies in organising simulations for your organisations or institution, where we according to your choice of interests create simulations and simulation models.We also offer consultancy services to develop your own curriculum/program/project under any of the below mentioned topics, where your interests of specific focus and approach can be chosen :

Human rights, Development and quality education, Good Governance and stronger institutions, Gender equality, Poverty eradication, Reduced inequalities, Youth empowerment, Economic growth, peace and security, Climate action plan and sustainable living.

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