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Research Publication 
Operationalising Responsibility to Protect Doctrine (Legitimacy & Efficiency).

Srruthi Lekha Raaja Elango

 The Responsibility to protect doctrine, accepted unanimously, by nature was drafted from the victim’s perspective and the necessity to protect the human rights of the civilian victims and therefore establish peace. This was a landmark doctrine, which re-established the importance of human rights and the responsibility of the state and the international community to do so in any instance. This doctrine was an output of the call by the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, who insisted on the necessity to clear the confusions and arguments between sovereignty and human rights to establish peace, at a point, when the world was witnessing mass violations of human rights nationally and regionally, which made it complicated to enforce authority to protect the victims inside a sovereign territory. Responsibility to protect gives substantial support to the dispute resolution methods for the new wave of war and conflict, dominated by civil war, regional conflict, ethnic cleansing and mass atrocities. However, it has been a very complicated discourse of humanitarian intervention, because of the questions of legitimacy and efficiency. 

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