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Our Projects

Polity Link Partners with various organisations, governments and education institutions by providing support in organising and conceptualising projects on the focus of their work. It includes focuses on Human rights, Just Governance, Politics, Equality and Youth Empowerment. We extend our expertise in globalising an initiative and bridging experts to the local field of advocacy.

Global Youth Conference on the UN CSW 2022

January 15th - 16th, 2022

A global Youth Summit in revolutionising the UN CSW for Gender Justice in cooperation with the NGO CSW Geneva

This conference shall simulate the UNCSW with youth representatives from all around the world while engaging in an intergenerational conversation This conference shall host workshops on capacity building for youth focusing on the UN CSW 66. The conference shall bring in young women and men from all around the world to deliberate an agreed conclusion, which can be used as the output of the committee's initiative to mobilize stronger action for gender equality at the UN CSW 66.


Structure of the conference :


Day 1 :

  • Key note Panel - International and national speakers on the theme

  • Youth sessions (Simulation of the UN CSW 66)

  • Side events and workshops for online youth campaign

Day 2 :

  • Youth sessions continues

  • Intergenerational dialogue on the agree conclusions drafted by the youth committee with the NGO CSW 66 members

  • Final voting on the agreed conclusions

  • Closing ceremony

United Global Conference 2021

November 12th - 14th, 2021

Polity Link International organized UGC with a comprehensive Model United Nations. The theme for the conference was Nature Drives Nations. When interpreted correctly it not only means nature in term of environment but also the nature of human beings and citizens of the nation. The session had two committees, UNGA and EU. UNGA discussed on climate change and it’s special impact on developing countries, whereas, the EU had the agenda of discussing the impact of European policy on migration crisis and the principle of “Burden Sharing”.

With five international partner organisations, 60 participants from 19 countries and an expert pool of trainers, this conference was a great success in empowering young people for political leadership and democracy.

Our Story

A PUBLICATION INITIATIVE - First Edition November 2022

The project aims to establish a bi-annual a comprehensive journal/publication with various collective stories of women and girls from all around the world which incorporates unique perspectives. This aims in mobilising measures to improve the domestic laws guided by the principles of Sustainable development goals specifically towards standardising the health and security of women, girls and children.

We strongly realise the urge for addressing the issue of lack of safe spaces for women globally both in public and private spaces. Sexual, mental, physical and other forms of abuse and violence against women and girls are life threatening to an individuals wellbeing and health. Our aim is to raise solidarity to create safe safety for victims, the vulnerable and marginalised for empowerment, good health and safety for women and girls.

International Student Council for Sustainability

This International Council is primarily composed of students and young enthusiasts, who shall engage in discussions and deliberations on pressing issues and concerns of the global order including human rights violations, way forward for a sustainable living, etc through specific topics and issues at focus. The council meets biweekly in an online forum and exchanges opinions, thoughts and actions for issues discussed in that respective meeting. This shall be available on our youtube platform and in our website here for more widespread advocacy. 


If you are a student or a young person enthusiastic in social change, join our council by registering through the link below. 

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