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Our Team


Harsha S Rahul


Srruthi Lekha R


With a decade of expertise, Mr. Harsha excels in youth simulations and UN Affairs. With experience in over 65+ conferences internationally, his inspiration to inspire many individuals for change beyond borders and bars, is highly valuable. As the co-director for PolityLink, he focuses in bringing higher quality in simulations, training and other educative measures. Beyond all, he is as enthusiastic as you are to debate, discuss and voice for change from political regimes to economic sustainability.

Ms. Srruthi and her expertise in international affairs and consultancy with her experiences in various International organisations for peace and leadership is harboured with PolityLink. As the Co-director, her voice at various UN forums like UN CSW, UNECE and organisational leadership in multiple conferences, she focuses on the most rational outputs for change. With PolityLink, she desires to strongly influence political change from governance to equality.

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Valerina Sieany


Research and Public Relations Associate

Valerina hailing from Indonesia, brings in a wide range of knowledge and expertise both in the field of research and public relations. She has worked as an associate in several companies and institutions earlier in the field of research and PR. She is a graduate of Monash University, Malaysia in the field of International Relations. 

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Abindra Wardana Patintingan


Public Relations Associate

Abindra demonstrates interest revolves around politics, gender and development to tech x impact. With PolityLink, he is passionate to grow while having an impact for all. He is a graduate of International Relations and politics from the university of Bosowa, Indonesia

Foto Naufal - Naufal Rasendriya.jpg

Shristi Singh


Publications Associate

Shristi shares keen interest in polity and social policies. She believes in raising awareness about the issues in our community and bringing about necessary change. Some of her major theories and areas of interest are Feminist theory, Gender relations, pedagogy, etc. She is a graduate of English literature and currently majoring in International Relations.

Picture_Vanita - VANITA SHRIKANT DESHPANDE 1930757.jpg

Essy Atieno Olang


Project and Communications Fellow

A dedicated and ambitious young woman passionate about gender and development especially in women and youth representation in political, social and economic spheres. Holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy and has had vast experience in organizational strategic communications through her engagement with different non -profit organisations locally.

Picture - Bisakh_edited.jpg

Bisakh Sarkar


Project and Communications Intern

A student of Political Science, an avid debater and international relations enthusiast. His interests lies in the field of diplomacy, negotiations, peace-building and achieving consensus about important factors which is crucial in realising sustainability and development.

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Arjun Sukumaran


Research Intern

Naufal Rasendriya Apta Raharema


Publications Intern

He believes that, information, knowledge and education are the trinity of power whose role is crucial in every society. Therefore, sharing knowledge with people has always been my utmost priority in life. Coming from a very academic background, I am passionate about being impactful towards development and education. 

IMG_20201030_164332 - Hellen Kathure_edited.jpg

Hellen Kathure Muriithi


Project and Communications Intern

As an International Relations graduate, she believes that at Polity Link, her voice  is advocated  policy changes at the national and international level. With her experiences in civil society advocacy, immigration policy and diplomacy she aims in growing with Polity Link as an intern.

1228A318-C837-4797-9D5E-43583BDA9D45 - Monalisa Barua.jpeg

Monalisa Barua


Research Intern

Vanita Shrikant Deshpande


Publications and Project Intern

A fond believer of philanthropy and human equality, Vanita has a generosity of spirit and enjoys helping others even in the smallest of ways. She is passionate towards governance, global affairs, human rights, gender-equality, in an endeavour to come up with resourceful ideas to canvass things with a wider and divergent perspective. She is currently majoring in Economics, Politcal Science and Sociology.

IMG-20201215-WA0006 - Amelia Adi.jpg



Project and Communications Intern

As a post graduate students, majoring International Relations Diplomacy she is passionate with the international affairs and diplomacy as it brings diversity across borders and nations, just like what we have in Polity Link. 

profile pic - mayuri A_edited.jpg

Mayuri A


Research Intern

Arjun is an experienced researcher and a prolific debater with over 30 Model UN conferences under his belt, and has lead and mentored 10+ students on policy and political research. His research interests include conflict and crisis analysis, Socialist Economies, and analysing foreign armed interventions, among others. At Polity link, he looks forward to pursuing his interests and aiding the research team in its endeavours.

DSC_0549 - ayanda mzwandile_edited.jpg

She is a final year student at Hochschule Rhein-waal  majoring in International Taxation and Law. Throughout her studies, she has built  great interest in Business and Taxation and its impact on social development. she works on the topic of urban economic development, empowerment and high quality education for social good.

She is currently pursuing economics, Mathematics, and Statistics as her triple major. She is an active debater and she is passionate about understanding various economic and political agendas outside her academic spectrum, therefore strongly motivated towards research.

picture - CIK SAFIAH_edited.jpg

Ayanda Muziwandile Kubeka

South Africa

Public Relations Intern

Ayanda Kubeka is the CEO and the Founder of Amasobode Foundation from South Africa (Vryheid ) who holds a Bachelor of Education (From 2013-2016) and an Honors degree in Educational Support Services (from 2017-2018) both obtained in the University of Zululand. He also hold a certificate in Online Marketing Fundamentals from Digititan.

Safiah binti Suhaimi


Research Intern

A graduate of Public Management with Honours from Northern University of Malaysia. She has experience in research specialising in publication, data collection and report writing. She aims to broaden her research skills and learn about the current issue that we face around the world as well as come up with effective solutions.

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